Monday, December 3, 2012

Another view

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Coaching 4

Four of the previous group played a movement from a Mozart string quartet. Altogether, a very enjoyable day.

Coaching 3

After lunch, this group, also from the local symphony, undertook the Chausson Concert in D for violin, string quartet, and piano.

Coaching 2-1/2

These ladies are associate concertmaster, principal second violin, principal viola, and principal cello, respectively in their orchestra. The two on the right are sisters. They all play very well.

Coaching 2

This group played Dvorak's American Quartet. Ellen gave them some effective help.

Coaching 1

The purpose of our trip to TCG Nordica was so that Ellen and Kristin could coach some musicians from the local symphony orchestra. This group played a Schumann piano quintet. Very exciting.

The coffee shop

The art gallery

Some interesting pieces here, in a very nice space.

TCG Nordica

On Monday, we visited TCG Nordica's coffee shop and art gallery in Kunming's arty district.

Raising the glass

We were given cups of four different kinds of tea, each clearly distinctive in taste and scent. Here we are raising our glasses on the final round.

... which has ...

... this beautiful color.

A modest education

The preparation and consumption of tea is far more elaborate than I thought. Here we are being shown some ten-year-old puor tea.

Tea time

On Sunday afternoon, Mari took us to visit a tea merchant. This was a lot more fun than we expected.

More from the store

More at the market

The colors and smells are amazing. I don't know what half this stuff is.

At the market

Next to the lake, there is a fresh food market under a large tent. This, we are told, is dried fungus.

Sunday, we rested...

... and took a walk by the lake, where we saw this precious child.

... with flowers!

Here they are again with some of the bouquets they received.

After the recital

The recital was a big success, sold about 600 tickets, and raised a bunch of money for the children's music program at the school.