Saturday, December 1, 2012


The theater is quite nice, acoustically live and seating around 800 people. The piano is very new Steinway D. The sound of the ensemble in the room is terrific.

At the theater

On Saturday, we went to the theater to rehearse. Here are Ellen and Kristin standing beneath a giant poster advertising the program.

Teaching the strings

After the programs, Ellen spent an hour with the orchestra, working on Mozart and Handel.

Short programs

Ellen and Kristin were asked to do two 25 - minute programs for the school children in their assembly hall.

The International School

On Friday, we went to the International School, a twelve-grade school for the children of ex-pats of various kinds. The school is conducted in English.

The hotel in daytime

Our hosts

    Our host in Kunming is Mari Salli and TCG Nordica, a cultural exchange establishment with Scandinavia. Mari is between Ellen and Kristen. On the left is Amber, who has been an enormous help. 

    For more on TCG Nordica, see